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Attorney Upgrade

Would you like an experienced attorney to help you through the iDisclose process and to conduct a final review of your Form C before you file it with the SEC? You can upgrade your purchase for $500, and we will automatically assign a licensed lawyer to help you through your application.

You must accept the following engagement letter before you purchase an attorney upgrade. You can click here to view a printable version of the engagement letter.

Engagement Agreement

February 18, 2019

We are pleased to provide you with a pre-approved securities lawyer through the iDisclose platform.

By submitting the document through iDisclose, you hereby represent and warrant that you are duly authorized to enter into and bind your company to the terms and conditions of this Engagement Agreement and acknowledge and agree that all such use by you of the services provided by any Participating Lawyer through iDisclose is subject to such terms and conditions.


These terms and conditions constitute an "Engagement Agreement" between you and the Participating Lawyer (as defined below) you will work with through the iDisclose platform.

Your "Participating Lawyer" or "Lawyer" is provided to you through the iDisclose platform and shall provide you with legal services under the terms of this Engagement Agreement as an independent contractor.

"Form C-AR" is the mandated form prescribed by the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") under the Securities Act of 1933 for filings under Regulation Crowdfunding (Sections 227.100 et. seq.).

A "Compliant Draft" shall mean that you have properly organized all of the necessary supporting documents related to your business and Form C-AR; you have uploaded them where requested; and, you have responsively completed and edited all of the information, questions, sections and risk factors of iDisclose.

Scope of Legal Services

Your Participating Lawyer's representation of the Company is limited to a thorough and complete review and preparation of a final Form C-AR. Such representation is subject to and predicated upon your submission of a Compliant Draft.

If you fail to submit a Compliant Draft, as your Lawyer shall determine in his or her professional judgment, your Lawyer will alert you within in 24 hours of receipt that they will not be formally pursuing the representation.

If your Lawyer determines that you have submitted a Compliant Draft, they will finalize the Form C-AR by reviewing it in conjunction with the documents you uploaded for consistency, confirming the requisite elements are included and conforming syntax and style.


Provided you submit a Compliant Draft, your Lawyer agrees to provide the scope of legal services as outlined above for the fixed rate of $500. Should you fail to submit a Compliant Draft and your Lawyer consequently declines the representation, you will be refunded your attorney upgrade fee, less a service fee of $125.

Other Legal Services

In addition to the limited representation described above, other legal matters may arise or be uncovered by iDisclose during the course of preparing your Form C-AR, such as the need to amend your by-laws or to file to operate in another jurisdiction. You acknowledge and agree that any such matters outside the scope of legal services outlined above are not included in the fixed rate and your Lawyer is not hereby obligated to provided such services under the terms of this Engagement Agreement. However, you are free to discuss a separate engagement for any additional legal services with your Lawyer.



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